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Where The City’s Most Affluent Communities Are

Every part of Calgary has something unique to offer the people that live there, but the southwest is one of the most coveted and sought-after places to live in Calgary due to the age and venerability of the communities there. Many of Calgary’s most affluent living situations are to be found in the southwest, in these communities specifically:

Upper Mount Royal


Just a short walk away from downtown is a small community called Upper Mount Royal. The area was originally called American Hill because it was developed by the Olmstead brothers of Massachusetts. Today there are still many Americans living here, where many of the homes are over a hundred years old, and offer beautiful views of the city skyline.


Elbow Park


Another one of the oldest and most affluent neighbourhoods in the city is to be found close by. Elbow Park was originally founded in 1910, and so is over a century old. This is one of the most quiet, serene and beautiful communities in the city, where your property is likely to border on the Elbow River. There are many parks, schools and other first-class amenities in the area.


Aspen Woods


This is a neighbourhood further afield than Elbow Park or Upper Mount Royal, but it is home to some of the largest estate properties inside of the city limits. Many of these are actually on large plots of land and required special building permits to construct. These estate properties overlook the mountains, and are a very popular choice for those who are retiring and want somewhere beautiful and relaxing to call home.


Of course not all of the property in the southwest belongs to these three hallmark communities. There are a wide variety of homes for sale in Calgary SW. If you’d like to learn more about the property that is available in the southwest quadrant of Calgary, this is the right website for you. We can set you up with plenty of information about real estate listings all throughout this beautiful part of the city. Contact us now or use this website to check out 1000s of real estate listings throughout Calgary.

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